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About VisualSkins project

Changing the wallpaper or the color of the taskbar and sometimes resize the desktop icon would be the old-fashioned way to customize your desktop looks. I think you deserve more than that if you are really concern about how to turn your window PC into some cool stuff and design.

Here on the VisualSkins.com, we really concern for some people who like to find the interactive desktop customizer collection all at one place. We provide, collect and share Rainmeter skins and other Windows customizations widgets all rights belong to the authors and developers. We are constantly updating the collection so that it will be easy to save your time from the trouble of finding updated skins.

If you are still a newbie or just want to get started, no worries as we are here to help and the first thing first you need to check out this How To's section.

Discover the best collection of the Rainmeter skins and you do not have to spend a penny to completely alter the looks of your desktop or laptop and you are going to love this customization on your Windows computers.


Feel free to contact us by email info@visualskins.com with any questions.