Best Rainmeter Skins

Are you tired of having bland wallpapers on your desktop or are bored with the idea of searching for crucial info and system stats on your computer like forever? Don’t worry because Rainmeter skins and themes can put all that to rest. Aside from helping you organize things in an elegant manner, the Rainmeter program goes further to elevate the look of your Windows desktop in ways you’ve never seen before.

You literally have thousands of Rainmeter skin options to choose from. But if you want to make your desktop look as distinctive and snazzy as ever, you need to choose from the best of skins suites. And the good thing is that most of the skins can be customized to the brink. So you have all the freedom in the world to personalize your Windows 7, 8 or 10 desktop how you deem fit.

Top Rated Skins For Rainmeter

Here are 10 best Rainmeter skins that you might find captivating for your desktop:

1. J.A.R.V.I.S. + S.H.I.E.LD. OS

J.A.R.V.I.S. + S.H.I.E.LD. OS Rainmeter Skin

This theme simply brings the world of superheroes right to your desktop. Featuring a combination of fully-customizable Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. and Iron Man’s J.A.R.VI.S. computer themes, this skin suite makes access to such useful info as disk capacity, system performance stats, clock/date and weather updates both quick and effortless. If you are a devout fan of Iron Man and/or Avengers, you shouldn’t think twice about getting this skin.

2. Fountain of Colors

Fountain of Colors Rainmeter Skin

Having a fountain on your yard is beautiful. But with a fountain of colors on your desktop in the form of a visualizer, that’s more than enchanting. The joy of using this skin is that it is massively customizable, which means you can draw as much pleasure as you can from the fountain of your favorite music.

3. Nelamint

Nelamint Rainmeter Skin

Are you obsessed about changing your desktop look and widgets arrangement every now and then? Well, the highly tweakable Nelamint theme could be the perfect fit for your desktop. The skin offers countless customization options in terms of information alignment and colors, which gives you total freedom and control over the various sub-modules and the overall desktop look.

4. Glass Shards

Glass Shards Rainmeter Skin

Glass Shards is a Rainmeter theme that ably sums up your Windows system stats, time/date and other info, through its amazingly transparent glass shards. The theme also throws into the mix a set of music, weather and time skins that complete the whole suite in style. You just can never get tired of having this Rainmeter theme on your desktop.


NXT-OS Rainmeter Skin

The most promiscuous feature of this theme is the round visualizer skin with a music player neatly tucked inside it. The rest of the skins like system monitors, notes pad, recycle bin, shortcuts and more have been sneaked into the desktop corners, and in part, the long and broad edges of the desktop. If you are too much of a tidiness freak, you wouldn’t find any better Rainmeter theme than this.

6. Monstercat Visualizer

Monstercat Visualizer Rainmeter Skin

The Monstercat is a visualizer that always stays true to its cause and its long stretching and punchy bars never disappoint at any one time. Offering a plethora of customization options, you can tweak the visualizer anyhow you want in terms of placement, bar size, spacing, color and more.

7. Simple Clean

Simple Clean Rainmeter Skin

Simple Clean is another big shot on our Rainmeter themes lineup, which comes with a simple, clean look that’s paired with minimalism. The theme displays, in no uncertain terms, widgets for time, weather, music, internet links and more. It also comes with hordes of customization options that can allow you to alter skins arrangement and change theme color just the way you like it.

8. Enigma

Enigma Rainmeter Skin

The mystery of the Enigma theme can be unraveled by checking its countless customizable options and using its extremely configurable sub-modules. The theme comes with a number of widgets showing such things as world clock, system performance monitors, network status, email updates, search button and so much more. With Engima theme, you are free to concentrate all the info and widgets at the centre of your screen or spread them across the edges of your screen.

9. Technology Wave

Technology Wave Rainmeter Skin

Living up to its name, the Technology Wave features a set of glowy tech lines and widgets that span across the entire desktop. The general look of the theme is futuristic and in terms of content, it is invariably consistent in showing system monitors, weather updates and desktop shortcuts, among other widgets.

10. Pog Pack

Pog Pack Rainmeter Skin

If you are looking for pure class and ultimate minimalism in a Rainmeter skin, then you should look no further than this. The skin features a cluster-type skin design that nicely mashes up a digital and analogue look, something that renders it absolutely unique and authentic. Everything on this skin right from time/date to weather skin and music player all through to RSS feed and desktop shortcuts is clearly laid out. Plus, it comes with countless of customization options that can let you tweak the skin in numerous ways, albeit in black and white.

The Bottom line

Each of the skins mentioned above is unique in its own way and can transform your desktop space by adding some charm and a touch of personalization. Whether you are obsessed with flashy concentrated skins or have a soft spot for simple, minimalistic themes, you can never miss to find one that syncs with your needs. And our roundup list of the best skins for rainmeter is clear proof that you can indeed give your desktop a decent makeover while adding some useful functionality to it too.

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