Rainmeter Equalizer

Rainmeter provides a unique and creative way of customizing Windows-based systems. And the program’s use, as a customization tool, has grown tremendously over the past few years. With Rainmeter skins, you can organize a number of programs, functions and apps on your desktop with much ease. That makes access to such info as CPU usage, date & time, weather forecast, network status and more, quite seamless.

Desktop Equalizer Skins

If you are a music guy, there are plenty of desktop visualizer skins that you can find super amazing too. The idea behind Rainmeter Equalizer skins is basically to allow users to enjoy the ultimate music experience through audio and stunning visuals. With visualizer skins, you don’t just listen to music, you feel it too.

Best Rainmeter Equalizer

To get a better picture of what we are talking about, here is a list of top 10 Rainmeter visualizer skins you may need to try:

1. Fountain of Colors

Fountain of Colors Rainmeter Skin

The Fountain of Colors visualizer lets you sink deep into the music through its wavy colored bars that gracefully move up and down as per the rhythm. If you are looking for a simple yet more realistic music listening experience, this skin could do you great justice.

2. Monstercat Visualizer

Monstercat Visualizer Rainmeter Skin

This skin can appeal to both the simple and sophisticated music listeners. Its high rising bars look more like competing city skyscrapers and you’ll just love them when they sink low and move up as the song plays on. The customizations are also plenty, which gives you the liberty to enjoy music in your own 'terms'.

3. Fizzualizer

Fizzualizer Rainmeter Skin

You’ll never get a visualizer skin that’s both unique and interesting as this. It features bubbles-which look more like stack of moving balloons-that keep the music vibe alive, regardless of the genre you are listening to. If you love playing tracks that are full of energy, then you’ll love the fizzy effect of this Rainmeter skin.

4. Frost

Frost Rainmeter Skin

The frost visualizer skin takes you out of the conventional and gives you a music visual experience like no other. Its design is simple while its sync with the music is more than realistic. You can tweak the skin in numerous ways to spice up the music listening experience even more.

5. VisBubble Round Visualizer

VisBubble Round Visualizer Rainmeter Skin

VisBubble Round is one of the most authentic round visualizer skins for Rainmeter available in the market. It is designed to react to any sounds made by your computer. But it becomes fully alive when you turn on the music.

6. Circular Equilaizer

Circular Equilaizer Rainmeter Skin

If you’ve been looking for a visualizer skin that is a little sophisticated in design yet simple in terms of working concept, then the Circular Equalizer could make the cut. With this skin, you can deeply feel both the rhythm and accent of the song you are playing.

7. Reflect Sound Visu

Reflect Sound Visu Rainmeter Skin

This soundbar visualizer comes with a reflect effect and it is as realistic as it could ever be. You are free to change the skin color, scale and bar gaps to suit your specific needs. The Reflect Sound Visu is one of those visualizer skins that can blend in perfectly with just about any desktop background.

8. Circular Spectrum

Circular Spectrum Rainmeter Skin

The Circular Spectrum is one of the few circular visualizers that are both visually appealing and sensitive to the beat. It is simple and highly customizable too, which makes it a perfect addition to any Windows-based system.

9. ColdEQ

ColdEQ Rainmeter Skin

Probably one of the weirdest histogram visualizer skins we have on this list, the ColdEQ looks more like blocks and slices of ice that bounce to beat in ways no other skin can. It comes with a range of customization options that ensure you enjoy the music vibe just as you want it. The ColdEQ visualizer hits the sharp high notes with precision and sometimes glides in smooth wavy lines, just as the rhythm dictates. What more can you ask for when listening to music on your desktop?

10. ProteusChroma

ProteusChroma Rainmeter Skin

This is by far the only Rainmeter skin on this list that allows you to choose a visualizer from 9 different shapes and forms. With such a generous amount of customization, you are free to assign each or a set of visualizers to certain specific music genres. Better yet, you can interchange between the different visualizer options and enjoy a unique experience every time you play your favorite tracks.


Listening to your favorite audio music on your desktop is great but the experience can be a bit boring because there are no visuals. However, with Rainmeter visualizer skins, such as the ones listed above, you can easily remove the blandness in the audio you are listening to and make the music experience better. The good thing is that the visualizers can work perfectly with any music genre, media player and Windows-based operating system.

So don’t get bored anymore. Just download any of your favorite visualizer skins above and personalize your desktop music listening experience in ways you’ve never done before.

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