Rainmeter Suites

When it comes to customizing a Windows desktop, nothing does it better than a Rainmeter program. You can arrange a set of freely floating applets in any format to achieve a certain look or better still, overhaul the entire desktop theme and replace it with a new one. Rainmeter skins suites are not just designed for the looks. Their main purpose is actually to help you keep an eye on such important info like time, date, disk space, CPU & RAM usage, weather updates and more.

What is Rainmeter Suits

Most Rainmeter skins also come with a launcher that allows the user to organize and enjoy quick access to a number of programs, apps, desktop folders and internet links right from the desktop. This simply means convenience, swiftness and much fun, when checking updates and system stats as well as opening various functions. And the fact that the skins can be customized or tweaked in numerous ways makes them quite attractive.

Best Rainmeter Suits

Here is a list of 10 best Rainmeter skins we compiled, which we believe will be useful to you:


If you are a fun of Sci-Fi films and video games, then you’ll fall in love with this skin at first sight. The skin’s graphics are top notch and the various widgets therein stunning. It mainly comes with system monitors and a couple of other skins for updates, apps and desktop functions.


Those who’ve watched Iron Man would agree that the JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) is super intelligent while the SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) is very powerful. Now the JARVIS + SHIELD theme shifts that power and intelligence to your desktop to help you create special effects, monitor system stats, check updates and access various functions swiftly on your desktop.


The Botanicula VR1.1 theme carries multiple skins that ensure you never miss a thing when it comes to checking updates, accessing computer folders & functions and opening internet links. While the skin is quite elaborate, it still remains more organized and minimalistic.


If you are deeply fascinated by steampunk stuff, then the Alice Reworked theme could make a great desktop skin for you. The theme features a set of old-school items that come together to show system stats, updates and other desktop programs in an elegant yet nostalgic way.


When you think of Razer, the first thing that comes to mind is gaming products with a snaky logo bearing black and green colors. So the Razer theme basically brings together a range of skins in the form of wheels, bars, circulars and text, all presented in classic black and glorious green. So if you would like to light up your screen while keeping tabs on things that matter on your desktop, this could be the best skin to go for.


The Technology Wave is for those who are obsessed about future wave of technology. Designed with what looks like laser lines and partitions, the skin presents system info, updates, folders and internet links in ways no other skin can. The tech vibe on the skin is evident while the precision with which it presents stuff is stunning.


Glasses are used on windows mainly because they are transparent hence capable of allowing sufficient light to come into a home, that’s a no brainer. And the Glass Shards skin takes on the same concept. The skin, through its transparent glass shards, not only allows you to clearly view an array of info and stats but also makes exploring various functions on your desktop easy.


The Mass Effect Theme can literally give you the impression that you’re hovering over space. But as soon as you take a look at its elegant panels and tabs, you’ll discover the real-time system stats, updates and functions relate to your remote location.


The Dieselpunk Heads up Display (HUD) presents system stats, time, weather updates and other system functions through 3D panels, all sourced from the Steampunk age. If you are all things old school, you’ll definitely love this skin.


Elegant and minimalistic, this theme brings to your desktop a set of system monitors, a launcher and widgets for various functions and real-time updates. Even after laying out everything on the desktop, there still remains some generous space that will give your eyes a breather.


Rainmeter skins simply allow you to dress up your desktop in style, all while providing seamless access to the important info and functions you so need. The fact that the skin options and customizations are many means you have a variety of choice and can dictate a larger part of the desktop experience. So you have every reason to get a Rainmeter skin suite on your Windows-based system.