DarkOrange2 Rainmeter Theme

Just like the name suggests, DarkOrange 2 is a desktop theme that features an orange background with a shade of red color. The theme also includse bar skins with a touch of orange in them. The CPU and RAM usages as well as network status (download and upload speeds) are presented in text and histogram visualizations. There are also skins that indicate GPU temperature, amount of SWAP used, system uptime and disk space. You are free to choose a theme option that includes a music player that works great with just about any media player while giving you ultimate control of the music listening experience. And what’s more, it features a launcher that makes access to such folders as My Computer, Downloads and Music a bit swift.

Skin Samples

DarkOrange2 Rainmeter Skin #1
DarkOrange2 Rainmeter Skin #2
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Rainmeter app
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Date added
Aug. 31, 2018