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Rainmeter is one of the best desktop customization tools of this age. Ask any avid user of Windows-based PC or laptop and they’ll confirm that. You know the process of digging into your computer to find or check important widgets, folders, system stats and updates can sometimes be downright lengthy. But if you manage to scout out a decent Rainmeter skin and get it onto your desktop, all that will be in the damn past.

What is Desktop Dock?

With the Rainmeter launcher program, you can gather shortcuts of all your favorite computer programs and folders and position them in one place of convenience. Whether it is games, apps, music folders or internet links, you can have access to their shortcuts in a snap of a finger.

Now that you’ve been furnished with all the info on what Rainmeter launchers can do, why don’t we dive straight into the list of top ten dock skins?

Well, let’s go:

1. Silmeria Dock

Silmeria Dock Rainmeter Skin

If you are tired of having to sieve through a humongous list of programs or folders on your computer to locate certain items and/or utilities, then you can find respite in the Silmeria Dock skin. The simplicity of this skin is evident while the icons arrangement is nothing less than stunning. You might also fall in love with the hidden dock design- which reveals the icons when you sweep your mouse over it-if you are true minimalist.

2. Docker

Docker Rainmeter Skin

This Rainmeter skin holds down your favorite apps, internet bookmarks, folders and other shortcuts like a true docker. Needless to say, the docker skin is minimalistic but can still accommodate a sizable number of icons in it. If you are all about simplicity, then this skin can be a nifty choice for you.

3. Dock

Dock Rainmeter Skin

If you are true fan of classic black, then you will find this Rainmeter bar, which looks more like soundbar, absolutely stunning. With this skin, you can get all your favorite folders, internet links, apps and other shortcuts onto a safe dock, where they can be readily accessible. Dock also teams up perfectly with the desktop background to create an overall look that’s elegant and enchanting. You just can’t get enough of this skin on your desktop.

4. Goth-Style Dock

Goth-Style Dock Rainmeter Skin

This Rainmeter skin is apt for any Goth enthusiast, whether hardcore or moderate. Designed with an animated diamond-inspired dock, the skin features special effects that only reveal the icons (which you choose to add), when you hover your mouse over it. That’s ideally the 'Gothic mystery' of using this skin as a launcher.

5. Material Taskbar

Material Taskbar Rainmeter Skin

Material Taskbar is a Rainmeter skin that’s simple yet extremely resourceful. It features a long bar that can house a couple of shortcuts including, but not limited to, recycle bin, power button, photos folder, settings short cut and downloads folder. The background theme for this skin is changeable while the task bar itself can be tweaked a bit in terms of positioning, style and color.

6. Hexa Core

Hexa Core Rainmeter Skin

Hexa Core skin stays true to its name as it features 6 hexagons that are held together by a core at middle, which looks more like a rotator. This super gorgeous yet minimalistic skin can hold down a number of shortcuts including games, desktop folders, apps, internet links and more. The rotator at the middle acts as a return button, which makes the process of navigating or switching between shortcuts quick and effortless.

7. Red Dock

Red Dock Rainmeter Skin

Red Dock launcher precisely features what looks like a red carpet or table, where various shortcuts rest on. While the dock and icons sport red and white colors, the background takes on subtle grey, which lends simplicity and class to the entire theme. You are free to include in the dock any shortcut you want, whether it is music, downloads, games, browser or My Computer.

8. Plank Dockey

Plank Dockey Rainmeter Skin

The Plank Dockey skin looks like a plank of wood curved in a classic design to form a dock where various shortcuts can be placed on. With this skin, you can arrange all your crucial desktop folders, personalization icons and programs in a simple and neat format. There’s a simple button just below the skin for scrolling forwards and backwards as well as expanding and/or reducing the size of the dock.

9. Social Dock

Social Dock Rainmeter Skin

Social Dock is an eye-catching skin that comes with a well-lit shortcuts dock and a definitive city background theme. So the entire look can be least described as lively and classy. With Social Dock launcher, you can enjoy swift access to such shortcuts as Google, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, DeviantArt, YouTube and more. You are also free to customize/change a number of things like color, fonts and sizes to suit your needs.

10. MiniDock

MiniDock Rainmeter Skin

Mini Dock is a super amazing launcher that literally takes on the shape and form of a life-like kitchen shelf or bookshelf. That means you can place all your favorite applets, in the form of shortcuts, on the dock, without worrying about them 'falling'. One other amazing feature about this skin is that when you swipe your mouse over the icons, the respective apps, folders and/or programs pop up along with their tag names. Isn’t this skin just super cool?

In Conclusion

These are just some of the top and best rated Rainmeter launcher skins available for Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10. All the skins aforementioned are extremely attractive and minimalistic. But as usual, the tastes and preferences will never be the same. So it’s upon you to choose one that will help you customize your desktop as per your whims and fancies.

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